SA Fishing Decal Installation On Kayak | SA Fishing Reviews

SA Fishing Decal Installation On Kayak | SA Fishing Reviews


Decal Installation On Kayak

Alright what is up guys and today I’ll
be doing an update on my back and I’m
boxing myself armor
let’s get started alright here’s the
first sticker so selfish with the essay
code was doing is all tax and second
sticker and packaging is just your
standard logo and says so
SA Fishing Reviews on it so yeah let’s get onto
the installation
alright so after you sweet little
the bit which I mean this kind of hard to
smooth this I just gave up on that mean
probably stupid for trying to that but
you have to disinfect the real good so
I’m just going to use paper towels
disinfectant is affecting some kitchen

Plastic Protection

Yes you gotta clean it real good after
that you’ve got to let it dry on to the
next step and also the first there were
two days this ocean kayak sticker since
it’s somewhat just infected and cleaned
off as good as you can get it so there’s
not as much debris left they’re going to
do is just take off the plastic
protection but then put it where you
want to go make sure not to just plop it
down like he would you know sticker
whenever younger you could say slowly
put it down and start pushing on the
edges so that it doesn’t get any air
bubbles trapped in there is not make the
sticker natwest hardly at all very first
the sticker I’m going to be putting on some
other stickers that this yak attack once.


I’m not sure if I’m going to put up here
from going to move it like down here
something but decided minute and then
I’m going to put a good bro sticker or
two there too so we’ll get onto that
so here’s the first if you’re going on
just going to put it in the same way yet
on this is gonna be a lot easier to be
any air bubbles because I’m just going
to put on one side and then kind of
smooth it out my finger like this it’ll
be easier because this is more straight
not round there we go there’s a second
alright guys after some time I’m
thinking i decided to put this stick
around instead one because this is kind
of big and it wouldn’t fit in my cooler
which I’ll show you guys in a second but
that look like this is what it will look
like um looks ok I kind of messed up
right there and if you see it hinged and
on this I this I and this is not
straight this end so yeah I messed up a
little bit looks pretty good for you man
I decided to put the yak attack sticker
on this side just like the one that came
with it.


Commercial Description

that was here on the boat already like
that one smaller but I just put the
bigger one on this side to this but I
had our guys after some time actually
got to stick her arm but it’s some
complication you know this part right
here it if you can see that there
oh yes that’s pretty cool i
really like this sticker hope stays on
probably won’t but it does I’ll be great
doesn’t well there’s another one oh yeah
please subscribe if you want more videos
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our comm link will be in the description
commercial on the video and so next time
keep them lines tight

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