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Review on SA face shield!

SA Fishing Reviews

hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m gonna do an  SA Fishing reviews on the s a
face shield so basically what it is is
you can wear different ways my favorite
way to wear it as a headband but you can
also, wear it as a scarf like over your
mouth and nose like that and it you can
breathe through it which is nice and the
Brand is a  SA Fishing Reviews or a strap
I told the sports rapper sports actually
that doesn’t make any sense but anyways.
I like to wear it as a head Band at
every span I bet that but there’s so
many different ways you can wear it
starts my dog
ok can you get out of the way to thank you
so very much
ok yeah so they come in different
designs on this one I mean there’s like
clown one where it looks like you have a
clown face when you go like this with
you really could have seen people do it
on you.
So let’s just get onto the ways you wear
this thing so number one is I’m going to
show you the way I always wear it I mean
I mostly wear it so it starts like this
I’m going to kind
short like here like that but now I’m
gonna season it outside like to go back
so now Counsell the headband like this
take your head

How to wear a Face Shield | How to Wear SA Fishing Face Shied in different methods

SA Fishing Reviews

yeah where does headbands here but fail
in my head stuck in that looks kind of
the weird way from the side one cute and
then another way is if you take it I’m
gonna wear this to school today like a
scarf over my mouth because I get cold
you never notice I qualities heart like
you can take the back and pull it back.
I’ve seen people do this way but it’s
kind of cute I like it
that’s kinda cute like
here I want to see what I can’t I kinda
like this foot but also down because it
looks like I’m from a different culture
and that’s not just taking it out like
Well my hair all crazy so yeah another
the way you can wear it is like a scarf
a thing so it’s not like wait for a second
so don’t judge my gosh you can actually
breathe through it so you can leave that
here through looks kinda hard
Oh kinda hard
box we Jada stop fighting a middle of
the video and yesterday Ms data
oh ok ok ok ok keep your back kid
sorry I put my dog outside would attack me

I’m doing the video but yeah that’s
another way and then you can also just
went like this that’s just like a scarf
thingy then I saw another way where you
like I could you how they made it think
they won’t like it
I don’t know flipped inside out so it
looked inside out and held it and flip
it back to normal.

Faceshield also can be used as Wrist-Band

Also, you can see it I’m trying to like I
didn’t realize that and don’t open my
are you okay
and my foot pic and I am like this thing
there are so many different ways there’s
other better interviews and because i
don’t know all the ways but and you can
wear as a wristband or a scrunchie here
wristband risk and contain ok.
Um so yeah those are all the ways I know
for now, I’m gonna wear to school like a
headband and then maybe pull down with
that don’t like doing kinda weird so I’m
just going to share that real quick so
you like this
that’s my dog warning coming to add text
to attack we can’t believe it or not
just a little puppy you can’t blame her
anything but you know it’s kind of
painful sometimes like okay. I’m gonna

I’m gonna wear it to school like this well this is
how I’m gonna wear at school and middle
and then I’m gonna take it off in the
right before school going to wear the
scarf way whatever you want to call it
you might use a brush but anyways thank
you guys for watching please like and
please subscribe comment down below and
markings I should do my channel bye guys


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SA Fishing Reviews

SA Fishing Company Face Shield Review


Face Shield Review

The review from this video is good. Here is the text what the person in the video said about Face Shield Review:

so I thought I’d just do a quick review i guess today
i ordered face shields i guess i usually get them i’ve gotten them off ebay for a
couple box and just recently I went down to a local motorcycle shop down here in
town and bought a pack of 3 4 15 bucks you’re fairly thick and good but you
know not overly different from anything else that you’d see anywhere else
so one day while i was perusing through facebook i saw this at and it was this
big ad about you know eighty percent discount on these face shields
so I figured whatever it was like 15 bucks plus six dollars shipping to get
five of them set now with their regular cost on their site says that these are
twenty bucks apiece
so after three weeks they arrived
so going back 15 bucks vs a hundred bucks not bad just even if they don’t
work out that great so and they come in little packages like this
so you that right there ok so it’s from a company called the essay company
I’m not even sure what the essay stands for but is a company and i ordered five
now only four of them arrived
I do get an email or
packing slip with this said one of them was on back order and a day that I got
I actually received a new tracking notice from them saying that the other
one was or had been delivered
yeah so here are they are there is one this is a carbon fiber one they call it
and this is the comedian one see the maple leaf there but here’s to that
aren’t wrapped up
so this is one that I got here for me I kind of like this one actually I don’t
those of you that played Mortal Kombat right
this is very sub 0 ask
ok so you can see that there are 0 ask and that’s one for me
this is actually for my wife this one’s for me for me and this one’s for my life
so she ordered this what you wanted this one she thought would be kind of cool
so that one right there
so are they worth twenty dollars apiece
not the ones that i got i bought at the local shop here for fifteen bucks i
think it was fifteen twenty bucks for three
where you figure the knees right
summer is going to be great and spring and fall but is it gets colder I
probably want something a little warmer on my face but you know but looks wise i
have to say that design is really really cool
I just hope that these won’t get the stretching as well stay as I hope so
here I’ll put this one on so you can see what it looks like again watch the hair
there’s been wearing a hat not well thought out so this is the sub 0 or cool
or whatever they want to call it home and get this on straight
I don’t know it can’t see I think it’s kind of the air put it up so the design
quality of these are really cool because they’re designed to really make it look
like these things have got some kind of texture to them right so they’re not
just flat on your face
I’m really big fan of this one actually probably this one a lot
I used to wear the skeleton one but i think this will be the new one and I may
very well want to get an extra 15 bucks or so again
order a few more because you keep looking around facebook
I don’t even know how it came there the first time but yeah I got the ad
polly was searching around for the face shields at some point in time or you can
just go through their their website so it’s out with their website is its fa
so you can see on the actual face shield itself
it’s got this little essay on there so you can get them as a deal and it looks
like the almost don’t don’t pay them for full price
that’s they’re not really i don’t think worth it unless you got more money to
or just want to get one maybe but look for the deal so I can sit 15 20 bucks to
get them back five great deal
they’re fantastic i’m looking forward to team the new one when it comes in soon
and I’m gonna I’m gonna go ride probably with this this week
so there you go guys the essay companies face shields seems to work really nice
I enjoy fifteen twenty bucks do it
hundred bucks men don’t possibly
our guys stop by